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Production technology

Processing with machining center

  • It's no exaggeration to say that the skills of processing engineers determine product quality and delivery time in sheet metal prototype production and mold fabrication in development of a new vehicle.
    Types of processing machinery and CAD as well as experience of the engineers are also important factors.
    Byoubugaura manufactures products utilizing various processing methods and technologies based on expertise it has accumulated since its foundation.
  • To check precision of products, assembly jigs, and inspection jigs, Byoubugaura inspects them more precisely using a non-contact measuring instrument (FARO-ARM) in addition to a digital layout machine to reassure and satisfy its customers.
  • Byoubugaura makes various technological proposals to auto makers and parts manufacturers, including elimination of potential problems and feedback at the development stage.

High-level hemming process supported by digital technology and craftsmanship